Body Transformation

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Listed Are the Rules for the Body Transformation Division:

2019 OCB Southern Cross Naturals Body Transformation Division Guidelines: The Body Transformation Challenge is open to any natural contestant (following OCB drug-free criteria according to Competitors are not required to enter any other bodybuilding divisions, but are eligible to crossover into other divisions. Contestants will be judged by a panel of 5 certified judges based on their submissions (see below). One male and one female champion will each be awarded $250.00. The winning trainer/coach of each athlete will be presented with a plaque and recognized along with their athlete on OCB social media. If the contestant does not have a trainer/coach, then the athlete will be featured on social media by him/herself. All participants will receive a participation medal. The prejudging will start at 11 am, evening show will (announcing the winner will begin at 4:30 pm)

How to enter:

  1. Registration deadline is 7/1/19. All contestants must register at there is no OCB membership or polygraph required UNLESS the contestant is also crossing over into a traditional bodybuilding division. Registration will close after 7/1/19
  2. Competitors must submit 4 photos and a brief essay together via email by 8/31/19.

    Photo guidelines: Competitors may wear the following:

    Men – board shorts/shorts and no shirt

    Women – 2 piece swimsuit or sports bra and athletic shorts

Photos A & B:

2 pictures taken From where you started from (can be any date example 1/1/2015) up to 7/1/19. Photo - A full body picture posed from the front and photo B posed from the side. The contestant must have the photo date stamped up to 7/1/19. Report weight in these photos. (See example below)

Photo C & D:

2 pictures taken on or before 8/31/19. Photo C – A full body picture posed from the front and photo D posed from the side. Report weight the final photos. All 4 photos must be submitted together with the essay via email on or before 8/31/19 to

*Failure to comply with these guidelines may disqualify you or impact your placement.

Essay guidelines:

Contestants must submit a 250 word maximum essay along with the 4 photos no later than 8/31/19. The contestant will read their essay aloud on show day. They will only be judged on content, not delivery. The essay must answer the following questions: a. what was your motivation to change? b. How did you accomplish your goal? c. Who do you want to thank? d. How do you intend to maintain changes for the long-term?


The judges will have the opportunity to review pictures and essays prior to the day of the show. This will give them an opportunity to become familiar with each contestant’s journey. On show day, contestants will read their essays aloud. They will be scored and placed (1st, 2nd, 3rd…) according to their photos and essays. The contestant with the lowest total score wins the overall. In the event of a tie, the Head Judge will make the final decision.

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