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Men's Body Building - Teen
Men's Body Building - Debut
Men's Body Building - Novice
Men's Body Building - Open
Men's Body Building - Masters 40-49
Men's Body Building - Masters 50-59
Men's Body Building - Masters 60-69
Men's Body Building - Masters 70+

Men's Classic Physique - Novice
Men's Classic Physique - Open
Men's Classic Physique - Masters 40+
Men's Classic Physique - Debut*
*Debut division: First competition ever in this or any other organization. please visit www.ocbonline.com under guidelines or email promoter for any questions.


Men Body Physique - Teen
Men Body Physique - Debut
Men Body Physique - Novice
Men Body Physique - Open
Men Body Physique - Masters 40+

Bikini - Teen
Bikini - Debut
Bikini - Novice
Bikini - Open
Bikini - Masters 40+
Bikini - Masters 50+

Figure - Novice
Figure - Open
Figure - Masters 40+

Women's Physique - Novice
Women's Physique - Open
Women's Physique - Masters 40+

Wheelchair - Open

Men’s Transformation - Open*
Woman’s Transformation - Open*

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Novice Division is open only to those who have not placed first in any class besides Teen within any division in the same category with any organization (with the exception of cases where first place was won in a class that only had one competitor in it). Eligibility is verified during polygraph testing. Figure can not crossover to body buidling or vice versa.

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$25.00 (Prior Competitor of The Southern Competitor)


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